Lint your Bicep and Bicepparam files with GitHub Workflow

2 minute read

Linters are a very powerfull tool to validate if your code is correct. With the new az bicep lint --file $file command you can validate if your Bicep and Bicepparam files are correct. This command is available in the Azure CLI and can be used in a GitHub Action.

Create a (free!) App Services Managed Managed Certificates with Bicep

3 minute read

Create a (free!) App Services Managed Certificate with Bicep

An certificates in Azure App Services is bind to an host name, this can be an apex (or naked) domain ( or a subdomain ( or, or a combination of these two (for example one certificate for and

To create an App Services Managed Certificate there are two ways to create a certificate with Bicep. One for a apex domain and one for an subdomain. The validation of the ownership of the domain is the main difference. To generate a certificate the certificate authority would like to validate that the domain you try to get a certificate for is yours. That you are the owner of that (sub)domain name.